Atlas of missing places and remains of the world

Atlas of missing places and remains of the world

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Who does not dream of discovering a lost city? Who does not feel a certain melancholy in front of the vestiges of a past civilization? How not to shudder at the fragility of our planet in the face of ongoing climate change? With his Atlas of missing places (Editions de La martinière), the American writer and journalistTravis Elborough invites us to explore the remains of the world.

Discovering lost worlds

For this fourth volume of the collection, Travis Elborough has hit the road again in search of places that have disappeared, vanished, disappeared - in whole or in part. We follow it classically in Alexandria, Timbuktu or Venice, but also on the slopes of the glaciers of Montana, on the banks of the Danube, along the underground river of London, to the borders of India, Libya, Colombia, China or Jamaica. Along the way, he gives the places visited their former face. Photographs and cards - signed Martin Brown - then reveal the wonders of the past and compare them to the vestiges of the present.

Atlas of missing places, by Travis Elborough. Editions de La martinière, October 2019.

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