Museum of the battle of August 6, 1870 (Woerth, Bas-Rhin)

The Museum of the Battle of Woerth-Frœschwiller presents to the visitor a unique collection of uniforms, headdresses, ammunition, weapons and even engravings on the war of 1870. The 1300 objects on display were collected on the site of the battle of August 6, and thus bear witness to the bitter fighting which pitted the French under Mac Mahon against the Germans under Frederick William of Prussia.

Museum of the battle of August 6, 1870, Woerth

This museum is made "in the old way", that is to say that it is not a "memorial" museum which exhibits an object with a panel next to it explaining the use of the object, the context of the object. 'use etc. No. This museum is a succession of rooms presenting the collections in superb fitted out display cases and will delight any lover of "militaria" or even any lover of objects steeped in history. Indeed, this museum presents an almost complete panoply of the French and German equipment of the soldiers of the Franco-Prussian war of 1870. There are various headdresses and all the weapons of the various belligerents, ammunition, paintings, letters, postcards, guns, bladed weapons and uniforms. In addition, a diorama of more than 4000 figurines represents the battle of Woerth-Frœschwiller.

As we mentioned, someone "connoisseur" of the War of 1870 or even someone amateur of militaria will certainly find happiness there, especially as museums on the Franco-Prussian war are relatively rare. , compared to the countless museums dealing with the Second World War. However, someone who is "new" to the subject may be a little disappointed by this succession of objects on display, with uniforms or helmets relatively similar.

Nevertheless, a video of about fifteen minutes is projected in one of the rooms and relates the battle of Woerth-Frœschwiller while placing it in the historical context of the general conflict. Which is more certain for the museum.

Also, this museum is unique in eastern France for the exceptional presentation of objects, the last witnesses of the war of 1870.

Photos being prohibited, we will refer to the official website of the museum which presents some views of the collections.

Access: 2, rue du moulin 67360 Woerth (50 km north of Strasbourg)

Also see the website for opening hours.

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