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The Apocalypse series on All History

The Apocalypse series on All History

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From its first TV broadcast, the documentary series "Apocalypse"from directors Isabelle Clarke and Daniel Costelle was a big hit with audiences. From April 14, the" Apocalypse "collection returns to the" T channelall History". Its broadcast over three evenings will be preceded by ten minutes of new and exclusive interviews for All History in which Daniel Costelle and Isabelle Clarke will share their secrets of production, colorization and their views on these periods of history.

Apocalypse Staline, Sunday April 14 at 8:40 p.m.

Who was Stalin? The winner of Nazism? The “Little Father of Peoples”? Or the greatest criminal of his century? In three 52-minute episodes, Isabelle Clarke and Daniel Costelle paint a portrait of one of the most ferocious tyrants of the 20th century. Back on the incredible rise of Georgian Joseph Djougachvili, son of a shoemaker, started from nothing and who by dint of intrigue and crimes, rose to absolute power by calling himself Stalin, or "the man of steel ", in Russian. At human height, the series shows, from 1878 to 1945, the immense tragedy of the Soviet people trapped in hell.

Apocalypse Verdun, Sunday April 21 at 8:40 p.m.

February 1916. The First World War has lasted for two years. It has already caused more than 3 million deaths. And yet neither of the belligerents manages to gain the upper hand over the other. From a collection of more than 500 hours of restored and superbly colored archives, Apocalypse Verdun, by Isabelle Clarke and Daniel Costelle, offers us a terrible dive into the heart of one of the greatest battles of all time .

Apocalypse, the impossible peace, Sunday May 12 at 8:40 p.m.

November 11, 1918. At the end of World War I, surviving humanity realizes that the world of yesterday has definitely disappeared in abysses of suffering. The victors fabricate a precarious Peace which they impose on the vanquished: on all continents are born new nations, often conceived in pain. Without delay, hatred, fear and resentment resurface from the depths of traumatized societies, sowing chaos in the new world order: revolutions, crises, waves of migration and civil wars are the fertile ground for totalitarianism. The people are trying to forget the frenzied war in Charleston, blind to the arrival of a new Apocalypse.

Apocalypse, complete collection and exclusive bonuses, to discover on All History. Channel available on the boxes, Canal and Molotov TV.

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