The Lost Section - Shooting

1954, in the muggy and stifling heat of March, a handful of exhausted French soldiers ascend a Tonkinese river. An explosion ! The gunner collapses, the water reddens ... The bullets raise sprays of water, the response is immediate, the lead element opens fire in the direction of the sniper, the jungle becomes silent. Everything goes very quickly, the Doc is already on the gunner and sees his death, helpless. We recover the machine gun, ammunition, death to the soul, the body is trapped and the race resumes. A race for life, death on the trail, in this hostile jungle where each root can hide a trap, each tree an enemy ... Wiping the sweat that drips down their foreheads with the back of their sleeves, the survivors go up the steep slopes of the talweg, in the distance an explosion echoes: a Vietminh has certainly jumped with the trapped corpse of their comrade. “Cut! The cameramen catch their breath, the sound engineer rests his pole: Welcome to the filming of "The Lost Section".


After "That night" and "La Faute", Philipe Debost gives life to this scenario born during his military service and has matured for a long time since: after having repelled a harsh assault, the section of Ltn d'Hubert receives the order to leave the 'Dao Banh outpost to join the French lines in the Muong Than valley. At least five days of walking await them, five days in a hostile jungle, tracked down by a Vietminh who is both elusive and omnipresent.

The men have very different profiles: former member of the French Volunteer Legion in the service of Germany, exiled from Francoism or committed volunteer of Polish origin ... All will march together under the orders of Chief Berry, a veteran of all the latest conflicts , and from Lth d'Hubert, a young man left the schools and went voluntarily to Indo to embark on what he considers a crusade against the communist threat.

Few will survive this odyssey of modern times, but through this tragedy Philippe Debost will seek to underline the motivations and the sacrifice of these soldiers whose memory is too often flouted under the pretext of "well-meaning anti-colonialism".

The new project of LADE PROD

At the head of LADE PROD, an independent audiovisual production structure, Philippe Debost gives himself the means to carry out his ambitious project: to make a medium-length film on the Indochina war which he considers to be the last chivalrous conflict.

With his collaborator, Pierre Bonnet, they obtained the moral and financial support of several associations of veterans and the departmental community attracted by this way of highlighting a key episode in our history: the wars of decolonization. Philippe Debost enlists the services of Marie Anglade, Yoann Combronde, Cédric Oléon and Patrice Darnay respectively for the making of, the photo monitoring of the shoot, the sound recording and the pyrotechnics. As for the actors, the director has chosen to recruit almost essentially comrades from the Army Operational Reserve, more accustomed to donning the uniform, to progressing tactically, to handling weapons and to reacting when a blow occurs. fire breaks out. Because one of the crucial points sought is realism and this goes through the naturalness of the actors but also by the meticulous accuracy of the material used (thanks to the loans of many collectors).

It is for this realism that Philippe Debost films almost chronologically and the result is there: day by day the faces of the actors are transformed, the beards grow, fatigue hollows out the faces, darkens the eyes, exacerbates the feelings ... Melancholy, despair , anger sometimes seem more real than life ...

After a week of filming in the Allier in July, the team has a fight scene, a scene of parcel dropping by a Dakota and a scene of the survivor's return to France (again the vehicles of the times will be courtesy of many collectors).

The team is already working on the editing of the film, while the talented Alone, composer from Clermont, will provide the musical score. Very soon Philippe Debost will unveil the trailer of this short film which should be shown in preview in Saint-Germain-des-fossés near Vichy in February 2011, for the DVD release, before setting out to conquer the festivals short and medium-length films then the small screen!

Still on the go, the HPT editorial team will closely follow this courageous and necessary project at a time when the death of General Bigeard has gone largely unnoticed by that of an Anglo-Saxon pop singer of some time ago.


Lieutenant D'HUBERT: Fabien PACCAUD

Staff-Sergeant BERRY: Jean-Yves CASTELAIN

Master Corporal DEVESO "Doc": Sergio PARAFITA

Sergeant KLEBER: Patrick COFFY

Private Eddie ALBERT, the radio: Anton IVANOV

GERVAIS soldier, FM gunner: Yoann COMBRONDE

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Video: Video shows cop, suspect in brawl before shooting (January 2022).