14-18: The Field of Honor (January 1915) - BD

This time that's it, Corporal de Bernanceaux and his men are buried ... We are in January 1915, the front is snowed in and bogged down, we go from war of movement to war of position interspersed bloody assaults. With this third volume of the “14-18” saga, continue to follow the tragic adventures of these ordinary men torn from their campaign to defend their Homeland with bayonet cannon.

The Field of Honor

"The Field of Honor" is the third part of a saga which will include ten. We always follow a group of friends, socially very diverse but all from the same village, who find themselves mobilized during the First World War. After an episode on the mobilization in August 1914 and one on the war of movement in September of the same year, this third volume marks the entry into what is truly called "the war of the trenches". Armed with shovels and pickaxes, the band of friends opens long bleedings in the soil of France to protect themselves from the blows of the enemy.

This episode is an opportunity to evoke the beginning of the war of position, the perilous and often useless missions, but it is especially focused on the cohesion of this virile micro-society represented by the group of soldiers, on the brutalization of the combatants and on the tensions that arise within it. Tensions between men, tensions linked to the hierarchical inequality that is taking place, tensions imported directly from civilian life ... As since the beginning of the saga, the screenwriter Corbeyran always leaves a place behind, to the wives of the combatants, who are an integral part of history with their character, their deceptions, their traumas, their expectations ...

Finally, note that this volume is accompanied by a sketchbook, like those produced by Maurice (key character in this episode) to capture a few moments of the daily life of his comrades. In total, these "sketches" take the form of four bookplates representing resting scenes, meals or even taxis from the Marne.

In the end, a comic strip with its feet in the mud and its head in the hearts of men to try to tell the tragedy of the Great War!

Screenplay: Corbeyran
Drawing: Etienne Le Roux
Sets: Loïc Chevalier
Colors: Jérôme Brizard
Editor: Delcourt

14-18 :
- The Little Soldier (August 1914)
- The Ways of Hell (September 1914)
- The Field of Honor (January 1915)

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