Is there a Greek myth of Poseidon “dating” his daughter in the form of a dolphin?

On Saturday Night Live, there was a skit in which Greek god Poseidon said that he took the form of a dolphin and raped his daughter. Do we have literary or other evidence for such a myth?

It might have been a joke, I know there's plenty of myths about Zeus having sex in the form of an animal and I think a similar myth about Poseidon could exist.

Poseidon is associated with dolphins. There are also stories of him having various sexual encounters with a large number of other humans and gods. These do include rapes and also transformations into other animals. However, I don't find an exact match for your line. I did however find that Melantho, Daughter of Deucalion, was raped by Neptune as a dolphin.

In Greek mythology, sex plays a big part. Many of the stories concern unpleasant aspects of sexuallity.

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