The Top 10 Tourist Attractions in the UK

1. Buckingham Palace

For anyone who grew up wanting to be a prince or a princess (and didn’t we all?), it doesn’t get more fairy tale than Buckingham Palace. Probably the most famous tourist attraction in Britain, this magnificent space dates back to the eighteenth century and has been the official residence of Britain’s monarchs since 1837. Today it’s home to Queen Elizabeth II, who kindly allows visitors to wonder around certain parts of the palace. For the ultimate regal experience, we recommend approaching Buckingham Palace from the top of The Mall. With its canopy of trees and flags, it simply doesn’t get more grandiose. It’s sheer popularity ensures it has a place on any Top 10 UK tourist attractions list and if you do decide to travel by numbers and visit then be sure to watch the famous Changing of the Guard ceremony.

14 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in England

One of the most popular travel destinations in the world, England offers almost endless possibilities for vacationers seeking fun things to do and top attractions to visit. Part of the beautiful British Isles, this small but influential country bursts with fascinating history, exciting cities, and rich cultural traditions. Historic sites are at every turn, from prehistoric megaliths and ancient Roman sites to centuries-old castles and town centers dating back to the Middle Ages.

England is also extremely easy to get around, with its most popular tourist destinations well connected by trains and buses. Alternatively, you can drive between points of interest on a well-planned system of motorways. Whether you choose to tour the country by car or public transport, you're guaranteed an unforgettable experience. To help you get the most out of your travel itinerary, be sure to use our list of the best places to visit in England.

Note: Some businesses may be temporarily closed due to recent global health and safety issues.

British Museum, London

Quite simply one of the world’s great museums. The gargantuan Neoclassical building between Holborn and Tottenham Court Road Tube stops is a work of art in itself. The collection first began in 1753 and encompasses everything from history to art and culture, with more than eight million exhibits, ranging from Egyptian mummies and the controversial Elgin Marbles (sculptures taken from the Acropolis in Athens) through to a pair of eighteenth century chronometers that were used on Charles Darwin’s voyage on the HMS Beagle. Be there as the doors open at 10am – you’ll want all the time in the world to explore. Free entry

![British Museum, London, England]( "British Museum")

Bath is a city that is usually associated with its famous Roman Baths – it is quite impressive, after all! However, there are also many other things that you can do and see while here, so make sure to include them on your itinerary as well!

Windsor is another very popular tourist destination – its main attraction is its castle, which was built by Edward III in the 13th century. It is now home to Queen Elizabeth II and her family. Other than that, there are some nice restaurants where you can eat good food and visit some pubs for a drink or two.

If you like running and jogging, then you should definitely take your phone with you – there are some beautiful parks nearby where you can exercise! In terms of accommodation, there are plenty of hotels and bed & breakfasts in the area. The prices are very affordable compared to those in other major cities, so this should be an added bonus for the tourists!

Please note that if you want to visit the castle itself, you must buy tickets beforehand – it can get quite busy around peak season! You can buy tickets on their website – the prices are reasonable, so don’t worry – just be prepared!

  • Windsor Castle
  • Eton College
  • St George’s Chapel
  • Royal Mews (Stable Yard)

Top places to visit in the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom has always been one of the top choices to visit among the visitors from all around the world. It offers a glimpse of ancient British culture and style in its monuments and buildings. It is famous for its various tourist attractions and attracts visitors from every corner of the world with its beauty and charm. In the 21st Century Government agencies, towns, entrepreneurs and cities competed to build new and exciting places to visit in the United Kingdom. Some of the biggest projects fail, while some appeared to be as surprise hits. Here are some of the best places you must visit in Great Britain

Three National Parks in Scotland and England

National Parks projects in the United Kingdom have produced some of the most amazing and spectacular natural wonders in Scotland, Wales and England. These parks protect some of the most spectacular landscapes in the world. These parks also protect the cultural heritage, farms and villages. During the Noughties era three parks appeared to be as a great place for cycling, hiking as well as for various other outdoor activities and all these three parks were given as the national park status. These three parks are:

  • The South Downs – It is the England’s chalk desert which got the status of national park in 2009
  • Loch Lomond and The Trossachs – It is the Sir Walter Scott and Rob Roy country, which has the largest freshwater body in the whole UK.
  • The Cairngorms –it is 1467 square miles of lush green peaks in the central Scotland.

It is an art gallery in London, which is regarded as the Britain’s national gallery that showcases international modern art forms. The gallery was opened in 2000 in the building which was formerly London’s Bankside Power Station. Originally the gallery was started with 10 sculptors.The Tate art gallery exhibits the ancient British art to contemporary art of the present day and also showcases the modern international art of famous artists around the globe

The International Slavery Museum

The museum was established in 2007, exactly 200 years after the termination of the slave trade in the Great Britain. The museum is nestled at the Albert Dock in Liverpool and is one of the heritage sites of the UNESCO. It is located just a few yards away from the dry docks where the slave shipped were equipped and repaired in the 18th Century. The museum offers to witness the legacy and international importance of the slavery in a contemporary and historical manner.

The London eye is 135 meters tall located on the south bank of the Thames River. Currently London eye is the most popularly visited tourist attractions in the whole Great Britain. It is the tallest wheel in entire Europe and the tallest cantilevered observation wheel in the world.

Buckingham Palace has been the official residence of all the Britain’s sovereigns since 1837 and now serves as the administrative headquarters of the monarch. Although the palace is used for the official events and meetings held by the queen, the state rooms of the palace are open to the visitor around the world to see and admire the elitism and the royalty of the palace.The palace has a total of 775 rooms used for various purposes moreover the palace has placed the quintessential work of art which fills the visitors with awe.

Madame Tussauds is a museum in located in central London. It is a major tourist attraction in the city of London and it has many branches outside London dispersed around the world like Hong Kong, Amsterdam, Berlin, New York,Shanghai, Las Vegas, Washington DC, Vienna and Blackpool.

In madam Tussauds wax statues of famous personalities from various fields around the world are made and showcased to be seen by the visitors.It has wax statues of famous personalities from Hollywood, Bollywood and many personalities from sports, culture, music and world leaders across the globe.

The Imperial War Museum North, Manchester

It is a steel building which was designed by the Architect Daniel Libeskind. The building of the museum is beside the Manchester Ship Canal and showcases the lives during the World War II. The museum offers the visitors to witness various weapons and vehicles that were used during various wars.

The British Library

The British library is the national library of Britain and it is considered to be the largest library in the entire world by the number of different items showcased inside it.The library is the biggest research library with 120 million items present and they are taken from many countries and in many languages and formats containing both printed and digital mediums which include books, manuscripts, newspapers, journals, magazines, sound and video recordings, maps and many more. The library contains 14 million books along with the huge amount of manuscripts and many other historical items ranging back to the period of 2000 BC.

Borough Market

Borough market is the retail and wholesale food market in Southwark, central London, England. It is one of the largest and the oldest food markets in London.The market has all sorts of food items, like fresh fruits, vegetables, spices, cheese, various bakery items, fish, seafood, meat, some poultry items and many more. The market is oftenly visited by many chefs around the world and is a very famous spot for all the Londoners and foreigners.

The British Museum

The British museum is a museum in the Bloomsbury area of London which is all about human history and culture. Its permanent collection amounts for around 8 million works which makes it the largest of all the museums in existence. The museum basically showcases the story of human culture from its beginning till present.

The hotels in Piccadilly offer you comfortable and luxurious accommodation facilities so that you are able to enjoy your visit to London with full joy and delight. Piccadilly London stay will make sure that you are provided with utmost comfort.

UK's top 10 most popular attractions for 2019 according to TripAdvisor

The Tower of London has been the UK&aposs most popular attraction for 2019, according to TripAdvisor .

The travel website uncovered Britain&aposs top 10 attractions, based on those which have been booked the most by travellers.

The Tower of London pipped other landmarks to the post, attracting visitors no doubt because of its fascinating (if gruesome) history, not to mention it&aposs home to the Crown Jewels, the prison cell of Sir Walter Raleigh (aka the Bloody Tower), and the Royal Armories.

In fact, a Tower of London Entrance ticket was the most booked UK attraction on TripAdvisor, which also includes a tour of the Crown Jewels and offers faster entrance to the attraction.

(London actually had four attractions on the list, with the London Eye, Buckingham Palace and St Paul&aposs Cathedral all making the top 10).

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The second-most popular attraction was Stonehenge , the mysterious rock formation in the small town of Amesbury.

The impressive site still puzzles historians to this day, but it&aposs on the summer solstice where it becomes particularly popular as crowds gather there to mark the longest day of the year.

According to TripAdvisor, the Inner Cricle Access pass is a hit with travellers as it allows you to walk inside Stonehenge, while also offering a trip to Bath, and a 14th century pub in the medieval village of Lacock.

The third spot which has been a hit with visitors in the last 12 months went to the Giant&aposs Causeway in Northern Ireland.

No doubt its popularity saw a boost after it served as a Game of Thrones filming location , but the natural landmark has long been a must-visit thanks to its impressive rock formations and the myths surrounding its history.

UK Holiday ideas

Highlights include the Wishing Chair - a throne-like assortment of rocks- and &aposThe Camel&apos, the mythical steed who carried giant Finn McCool and who is said to have been turned to stone.

It was a Giant&aposs Causeway Day Trip from Belfast which proved a hit with TripAdvisor users, with the tour also offering stops at the Old Bushmills Distiller and the Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge.

You can check out TripAdvisor&aposs full list of the top 10 popular attractions below.

Here are the popular tourist attractions of England:

1. Stonehenge:

Stonehenge located on Salisbury Plain is a popular historic monument. There is also an exhibition at Stonehenge for the visitors explaining the history of the place through audio-visual experiences. There are more than 250 ancient objects and were erected between 3000 and 1500 BC. This place is so popular that you need to purchase a ticket in advance. It is one of the must sight-seeing places in the United Kingdom.

2. The Roman Baths and Georgian City of Bath:

The Roman Bath is the most popular tourist destination located in the city of Bath, England. This is the most amazing and beautiful city and the entire city has been granted a World Heritage status. It is a well-preserved thermae built by Romans and is famous for its honey-colored Georgian Townhouses. The temple was constructed between 60-70CE. You also get to visit other tourist spots like the Avon Valley, the Mendip Hills, and many more in the city of Bath.

3. Chester Zoo:

Chester Zoo is one of the largest zoos in England. It is also one of the oldest zoos opened in 1931. It is home to 11,000 animals living on approximately 160 hectares. The zoo also has beautifully designed gardens giving an excellent treat to the eyes.

Zoo has a monorail system that takes you to different parts of the zoo like Chimpanzee Island, a penguin pool, and Europe’s largest tropical house.

There are also other amazing kinds of stuff to enjoy in the zoo. This is one of the best places to enjoy yourself with your family members. Check out these top 11 places in Sri Lanka to travel in 2021.

4. Lake District National Park:

Lake District National Park is located in Cumbria in northwest England. The park covers around 900 square miles. This place is best known for its magnificent views and scenic beauty.

This is the best place to take mind-blowing pictures. You can have a long walk, visit parks, bout tour, visit Scafell Pike (3,210 feet), the highest mountain in England. You also get to visit little towns and explore the lifestyle of villagers.

5. Eden Project:

Eden Project is located in Cornwall, England. This project is a collection of artificial biomes having a collection of plants from around the world.

This is located in a reclaimed china clay pit. Huge domes in this project look like a massive igloo-shaped greenhouse.

This place is home to numerous plant species covering tropical and Mediterranean environments.

Their area also other multiple musics and dance events and adventure activities like ziplining and giant swings. This is the best place to learn and enjoy yourself with your families.

There are also other amazing places like museums, galleries, castles and other historical sites to enjoy. If you want to have diverse experiences, then do add the United Kingdom to your bucket list. Hope you find this article useful.

5. Durham Cathedral

Durham Cathedral, in the city of Durham in northeast England is the greatest Norman building in England and perhaps even in Europe. It is cherished not only for its architecture but also for its incomparable setting. The foundation stone of Durham Cathedral was laid on August 12, 1093. Since that time, there have been major additions and reconstructions of some parts of the building, but the greater part of the structure remains true to the Norman design. In a nationwide BBC poll held in 2001 Durham Cathedral was voted England’s best-loved building.

The 10 most popular tourist attractions in the UK

Museums and galleries throughout the UK saw big increases.

LONDON — Visitor attractions such as museums and galleries had a bumper 2014 in the UK, according to new figures released Monday.

The British Museum, Tate Modern and the Science Museum were all included on the list published by the Association of Leading Visitor Attractions. There was a 6.5% overall increase in the number of visitors going to museums and galleries with big appeal exhibitions driving the increase.

Here are the top 10 visitor attractions in the UK for 2014:

10. The Library of Birmingham

The Library of Birmingham is the only attraction outside of London to break the top ten. Some 2.4 million people visited the building, which opened in September 2013. Designed by architect Francine Houben, the building holds current and rare books and photos. As well a library, the space also houses an art gallery and one of the British Film Institute's Mediatheques, which gives free access to the National Film Archive.

9. Somerset House

Image: Corbis Richard Baker

Home of London Fashion Week, Somerset House, an arts and cultural centre, is housed in a neoclassical building on the banks of the Thames. It brought in 2.4 million visitors last year, an increase of 3% on the previous year. One of the current exhibitions housed at Somerset House is a collection of 80 photographs of beards. The exploration of facial hair and grooming is on until March 29.

8. Tower of London

The commemorative poppies powered the Tower of London into the eighth spot with visitors up 6% in 2014 to just over 3 million. Between Aug. 5 and Nov. 11, 2014 the Tower of London was filled with 888,246 ceramic poppies to coincide with the centenary of World War I. Created by artists Paul Cummins and Tom Piper, the poppies, once removed, were sold to raise money for charity.

Image: Press Association via AP Images/Associated Press

The Victoria and Albert Museum in South Kensington saw its visitor numbers fall by 3% to 3.1 million in 2014. Its much-hyped and recently opened Alexander McQueen exhibition could help reverse that trend for 2015. Other special exhibitions slated for this year include a focus on luxury and an exploration of public life.

6. Science Museum

Image: Rex Features via AP Images/Associated Press

Covering everything from the exploration of space to the transformation of global communications, the Science Museum pulled in more than 3.3 million people last year. Later in 2015 a new library and research centre will open at the museum and in 2016 a gallery dedicated to mathematics, which will be housed in a space reminiscent of an aircraft wind tunnel, will open to bring the subject to life.

5. Natural History Museum

Image: Corbis Daniel Kalker

The Natural History Museum attracted 5.3 million visitors in 2014, an increase of 1% on the previous year. The museum looks after more than 80 million different specimens spanning billions of years. Earlier this month, it announced it's creating a "virtual dive" of the Great Barrier Reef, which it says is similar to Google Street View but on the sea floor.

4. Tate Modern

Helped out by the Matisse exhibition, the Tate Modern brought in 5.7 million visitors in 2014 putting it into fourth place. The huge museum, which occupies 371,350 sq ft is made from 4.2 million bricks. It's currently showing a major exhibition by South African artist Marlene Dumas.

3. Southbank Centre

Image: Press Association via AP Images/Associated Press

Last year some 6.2 million people visited the Southbank Centre, putting it in the top ten most visited UK attractions for the very first time. Created in 1951 for the Festival of Britain, the Southbank arts centre takes up an impressive 21 acres of London on the banks of the Thames. It encompasses the Royal Festival Hall, the Queen Elizabeth Hall, the Hayward Gallery, the Purcell Room and the Saison Poetry Library, and its programming ranges from classical, jazz and popular music to contemporary dance, poetry and the visual arts.

"We have been ambitiously growing our year-round festival programme over the last few years, reinforcing Southbank Centre's position as a thriving, vibrant destination that delights in placing excellence and egalitarianism side by side," its artistic director Jude Kelly said about its inclusion in this year's list.

2. The National Gallery

Image: Press Association via AP Images/Associated Press

The National Gallery houses Britain's collection of paintings from the 13th to the 19th centuries. Last year it had a 6.4% increase in visitors, with 6.4 million people going through its doors. The gallery contains over 2,300 paintings including Jan van Eyck’s Arnolfini Portrait, Diego Velázquez's Rokeby Venus, J.M.W. Turner's Fighting Temeraire and Vincent van Gogh’s Sunflowers.

1. The British Museum

Almost 6.7 million people visited the British Museum last year, making it the most popular visitor attraction in the UK for the eighth year running. Some of its most world-famous artefacts include the Rosetta Stone, Egyptian mummies and the controversial Elgin marbles. The much-loved museum has a collection of at least 8 million objects with only 1% of the collection on display at any one time.

1. Alton Towers

5,168,000 SEARCHES

What is it?

Alton Towers in Staffordshire was the number one most popular tourist attraction in the UK in 2018, and it is easy to see why.

Alton Towers has developed into a multi-purpose attraction including a theme park, waterpark, CBeebies Land, resort, and spa.

What makes it special?

There are some fantastic options for accommodation for those wishing to extend their stay. In the Enchanted Village, there are Woodland Lodges, Luxury Treehouses, and themed rooms to make your stay extra special.

What’s new for 2019?

For Spring 2019, guests will be able to sleep under the stars in the new Stargazing pods.

So there you go, those were the 20 most popular tourist attractions in the UK in 2018. Hopefully you will have found a few that catch your eye. Be sure to take a look at our ‘Attractions near me‘ webpage which allows you to search for some of the best attractions in your area.

Wherever you visit this year, have a fantastic 2019. Here’s to a year of adventures!

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